Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hard to believe our little girl is 3.5 months already!! I swear it was just yesterday that we were welcoming her into the world....and now she is teething?!?
She has been pretty cranky for the last week...well since Christmas Day 2 weeks :) She has been drooling like crazy, and munching on anything and everything in site (including my arm when I am dressing
I neverrrrrr considered this was teething...always thought that happened around 5 or so months....but not true!!! My girlfriend Mandi was the one who brought it to my attention...and I was stunned. She told me to go and run my fingers along her gums...and I thought I felt a little something...but it was so hard to tell in that tiny little mouth.
Anyhow...that is what is new on our end. Here is a little picture of our tiny teether :)