Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Relax and take it all in...

With Christmas fast approaching, we have decided to try something new this year...something so unbelievably ingeniuos that we don't know what to do with ourselves...want to know what it is....ok...but don't tell anyone.
We are going to relaxxxxxxxx...and take time to enjoy the world around us. Sounds crazy I know...but as the season approaches I see one common thing happening every single day...people in such a rush that they forget to enjoy themselves.
That was us last year. Simply Tempted was so busy that we almost forgot to enjoy the holidays...and before we knew it...they were over. We were a 1 man show last, myself, and I....but this year we are going to try something different...I am going to try and put my husband to work. (Wish me luck with that
Anyways...during the busy holiday shopping rush, please remember that nothing in this world is more important than your happiness and overall well being. Take the time to smile once in a while...take the time to hold the door open for a stranger...and take the time to realize how beautiful the world around us really is.

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