Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long time no post....and WE HAVE NEWS!!!

It is hard to believe that we haven't posted in our blog since January...for shame! We will be trying to make a good effort to post least.

Here is what we have been up to since January....

On January 16th we found out that we were expecting our first child. I took a home pregnancy test at work (I also work PT at a Financial Institution). As I stood there waiting for it to change...I noticed nothing was happening. 4 minutes later I started to feel sad...thinking the test wouldn't show anything. Just as I went to throw it out, I made a discovery...I had it turned upside down...and it WAS positive!!
I must have re-read the directions about 3 times before it actually sunk in...then all I could do was look in the mirror and cry out of utter joy!!
I called hubby at work, but the poor guy was right in the middle of a meeting...I had to tell him was SO funny! All his employees found out at the same time.
Then I ran down the hall in the bank and told all my co-workers. My manager said to me, " that the pee stick still in your hand?" What a goof...I totally forgot to put it away...teeheeehee.

Anyways, we are now coming up to our 5th month and couldn't be happier!

Above is a picture of my tummy at 4 months...

On the business side of things...a lot will be happening, and has happened. We have decided to discontinue quite a few of our moisturizing body bars as we want to focus on 4 or 5 of our most popular scents (Winter Candy Apple, White Tea & Ginger, Morning Rush, Be Delicious, and a NEW scent coming soon)

We will also be adding in a unscented moisturizing body bar for sensitive skin.

Foaming Bath Butter, and Bath Butter Scrub. (still trying to come up with a name for them)
New layered soaps
Cupcake Pedicure Bathbombs


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(sale ends May 1st/09)

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