Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hard to believe our little girl is 3.5 months already!! I swear it was just yesterday that we were welcoming her into the world....and now she is teething?!?
She has been pretty cranky for the last week...well since Christmas Day 2 weeks :) She has been drooling like crazy, and munching on anything and everything in site (including my arm when I am dressing
I neverrrrrr considered this was teething...always thought that happened around 5 or so months....but not true!!! My girlfriend Mandi was the one who brought it to my attention...and I was stunned. She told me to go and run my fingers along her gums...and I thought I felt a little something...but it was so hard to tell in that tiny little mouth.
Anyhow...that is what is new on our end. Here is a little picture of our tiny teether :)



Congratulations-she's adorable!

RhiannonSTR said...

Ugh - poor baby. The teething is no fun!
My youngest is going to be four and I just can't believe it - time goes by so much faster when you have little ones.

Annette said...

How precious! Enjoy even the bad days!!!! They grow up so fast!

KathysKandles said...

Let the fun begin! lol What a little beauty! Now I know why you work with her right beside you - can't take your eyes off of her.